Williwaw Lakes Trail

Williwaw Lakes Trail is a 7-mile hike that begins in the mountains just above the city of Anchorage, and it takes you to the different Williwaw Lakes, all of which are situated below Mount Williwaw’s sheer north face – the highest peak in the Front Range.

To get to the Williwaw Lakes, you must reach the beginning of the Williwaw Trail from the parking area’s Prospect Heights. You’ll have to hike through the woods on Wolverine Bowl Trail, then up Middle Fork Loop Trail. Once you start the trail, you’ll find out it is not in its best shape; mud and bogs often make the hike slower. However, the gradual climbing trail improves higher up the valley.

Within 1 mile of beginning the trail, you’ll see the impressive Williwaw Peak’s west face, a massive, triangular mass of mountain that dominates the uppermost end of the valley. It is framed by subordinate peaks and ridges and stands preeminent and aloof.

In another mile, the Williwaw Lake trail leaves most of the bogs and mud behind as it climbs above the valley’s right side onto a bench. Soon after, you’ll reach the tree line, where the first of the Williwaws Lakes should come into view. After passing through two smaller lakes, the trail reaches the biggest lake of Williwaw.

Beyond the biggest lake, the trail goes down through some brush before climbing out the far side to where the Williwaw Lakes Trail ends at a small but beautiful waterfall (one of any in the area). If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of water echoing across the entire high, rock-walled valley.