Things to keep in mind before visiting Anchorage

Anchorage is the biggest city in Alaska. That is why having the knowledge about the place is already a big help. It is good to know some tips before visiting certain areas around the globe. Good thing I have here a list that will help you when you visit Anchorage. Check it out!

The winters are cold but not that cold

Anchorage is cold but its coldness is not the same as Fargo or Minneapolis. If you are wondering why that is because the city of Anchorage is surrounded by the Chugach Mountains range. The maintained currents of the Pacific Ocean are also one of the factors that affect the temperature. In fact, the average daytime winter here ranges from 5 to 30°F.


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The summers are magical

Locals in Anchorage always plan what they are going to do during summer. From fishing, mountain biking and eating at some restaurants! Temperatures during summer in Anchorage range from 55 to 78 °F. There are weeks at a time as well without true darkness.



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Go beyond downtown

Anchorage has both modern amenities and outdoor opportunities. In the downtown, you can find restaurants, shops and of course rivers where salmon spawn! But you should also not miss exploring the Chugach Mountains, it has a well-maintained trail. How about you visit Kincaid Park and witness the stunning sunset?  Cultural centers will not disappoint you as well or a moment at Lake Hood with someone is a must!