Rabbit Lake Trailhead

This 14.0 km out-and-back trail near Anchorage is generally considered challenging and takes around hours to complete. The Rabbit Lake Trailhead is dog friendly and popular for camping, hiking, and backpacking. This hike ends at a big lake, in the two near-sheer faces’ shadows of 5,000-foot peaks. 

Once you’ve crossed the gate at the parking area’s upper end, the trail begins on the dirt road continuation. Almost the entire Rabbit Lake Trail is a continuation of Canyon Road as it winds up the valley to the lake.

Don’t expect an entire easy journey. One mile above the gate, the trail becomes difficult. Here’s why: A couple of years ago, a man brought land around the trail’s area. Wanting to limit people’s right-of-way, he tore up the road on his property with a backhoe, so the effects remain to this day; as erosion continues its ongoing work, the road continues to level out slowly, but you should expect rocks and mud holes along this shot trail section.

The trail then continues the valley upwards, gradually climbing to the top of a high knoll. You’ll pop above the last trees near the top, and nearly two miles away, standing atop, you’ll have a beautiful view of Rabbit Lake. It fills almost the entire end of the valley below the rock-walled summits of North and South Suicide Peak. Despite their inhospitable names, both mountain peaks are famous climbs for experienced hikers.

Go on the flats on the far side of the knoll and follow up Rabbit Creek valley to reach Rabbit Lake. It would be best if you came prepared for weather changes along the last few miles. It pours through Windy Gap and the valley head between both Suicide peaks and can quickly change. Some days you might begin the Rabbit Lake Trailhead hike under serene and brilliant sunshine and end it by pushing head-on into chilly wind.

Despite the weather conditions, this trail only takes a little time. This means that if the weather is adequate, you’ll have plenty of time to relax on the open rise, looking over the lake and the gurgling outlet of Rabbit Creek just below to the east. The Rabbit Lake Trailhead is one of the best hikes in Anchorage, and it takes approximately three hours to complete, which makes it a friendly, easy day hike.