Glen Alps / Flattop Trailhead

This trailhead is 30 minutes away from downtown Anchorage and is one of Alaska’s most visited peaks. Explore the 1350 steep foot trail to the rocky and football field-sized summon in an hour and enjoy the panoramic views from Denali (Mt. McKinley) to the Aleutian Islands. But, if you want to enjoy picturesque views without the hike, walk the short path from the parking lot to the overlook. Hike lovers and adventurers can hike from the parking lot into the scenic Williwaw Lakes on the climb to Wolverine Peak. The Glen Alps/Flattop Trailhead offers easy access to multiple trails of all lengths and ability levels.

  • Powerline Pass
  • Blueberry Loop
  • Middle Fork Loop
  • Flattop Trail

A beautiful overlook of the trailhead parking lot offers paved trails and panoramic views of the Cook Inlet, Anchorage Bowl, distant Denali, and Mount Susitna on clear days. This trailhead provides all-season access to a treasured Anchorage adventure. Find rich blueberry patches in fall, snowshoeing, enjoy cross-country skiing, watch the aurora unfurl over the city skyline on a winter night, and fat tire biking when it’s heavily snowing. 

The Glen Alps/Trailhead is also a prime spot for landscape and wildlife photography, especially during fall, when bulls clash and spar on the Chugach Front Range and the moose enter rutting season. In summer, also watch for eagles dipping between peaks, bears lumbering across the mountainsides, and a variety of wildflowers splashing the trail sides.

This trail is one of the most visited in Alaska, so depending on your point of view; this can be either positive or negative. On the one hand, the Glen Alps/Flattop Trailhead is almost always crowded during summer, but on the other hand, it offers stunning views of the peaks and fun and somewhat challenging terrain for visitors. Glen Alps/Flattop Trailhead is famous for three reasons:

  1. Accessibility: It is located in the “front range” of the Chugach Mountains and is a short drive from Anchorage.
  2. Speed: This trail is relatively short, even for moderately-in shape visitors. 
  3. Gateway point: Many hikers use this hike as a getaway into its surrounding peaks, such as Wolverine, O’Malley, and Ptarmigan