Best Salmon in Anchorage

Anchorage’s seafood game is deep due to its proximity to the Gulf of Alaska – which means fresh salmons are available here year-round at numerous restaurants! If you are visiting or living there, don’t pass up the chance to try some of the finest and most delicious Anchorage grilled salmons or crispy salmon sashimi.

Here we’ve compiled some recommendations to help you choose the best salmon joints in the state. Pick one place (or all) to get your fill of the best Alaskan salmon!


Glacier Brewhouse

Website | (907) 274-2739 | 737 W 5th Ave Ste 110 Anchorage, AK 99501

Glacier Brewhouse Seafood is one of the best restaurants in Anchorage, serving fresh, delicious salmons! Their Alaska Alder Grilled Salmon that comes with lemon Garlic vermouth butter, Alder Grilled Potatoes, Broccolini, Baby Tomatoes, and Avocado Lime Verde is worth checking for. 

Also, their salmon BLT salad is a fan favorite on the menu. It comes with house-smoked Alaska salmon, crisp hearts of Romaine, baby spinach, fresh avocado, English cucumbers, grape tomato, crisp bacon, housemade croutons, and with fresh avocado dressing.

To top things off, Glacier Brewhouse Seafood endeavors to provide efficient, quick service. Each member of their staff is highly professional and friendly and ensures that the order is completed on time. Clean, modern, and with wood decor, this place is top-notch! Check-in to get the taste of their best salmon dishes!


Slippery Salmon Bar and Grill

Website | (907) 277-9464 | 115 E 3rd Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

Local Anchorage residents who are “in the know” typically recommend Slippery Salmon Bar and Grill for authentic seafood and fresh salmons! They serve salmon chowder soup that is rich and warm enough to ward off a chill and when paired with sandwiches, can fill up even the most hungry person. Locals recommend matching it to the Salmon BLT, which comes with a bit of guacamole for extra flavor!

Aside from these two, you can also get other baked and smoked salmon dishes. The quality of ingredients you’ll find at Slippery Salmon Bar and Grill is second to none.

When you’re with your friends or with your family, you can acquire special set menus at a discount. If you’re in search of a salmon dinner in Anchorage, Slippery Salmon Bar and Grill is definitely one to consider! 


Jack Sprat

Website | (907) 783-5225 | 165 Olympic Mountain Loop, Anchorage, AK 99587

Smoked salmons are what Anchorage seafood is known for, and if you want to make sure that you get a taste of the best-smoked salmons in Anchorage, Jack Sprat is the way to go!

Established in 2001, Jack Sprat serves seafood, carnivores, and vegans side-by-side. You will find here fresh, local & sustainably caught seafood and plenty of vegetarian dishes on the menu. A commitment to quality and service is what makes Jack Sprat such a popular salmon restaurant in Anchorage and among its visitors. 

Their menu changes seasonally. However, they are known for their signature smoked salmon pasta that has lots of salmon and incredible flavors! Overall, Jack Sprat is a popular choice in Anchorage for salmon seafood.



Website | (907) 274-3502 | 420 L St Anchorage, AK 99501

Those looking for the best salmon restaurant in Anchorage will be in for a treat at Ginger, where salmons are as fresh and delicious as can be. In historic downtown Anchorage, this gem of a restaurant is known for its pleasant atmosphere, exquisite menu, and professional staff.

If you’re a fan of salmon dishes, Ginger serves various styles and flavors of salmon! They also take pride in their meaty chili salmon dishes, so this is one seafood restaurant in Ginger that will make you feel as though you’re dining by the seaside! 

In addition to the delicious seafood (the Sake-Ginger Glazed Alaskan Salmon is one of their most popular dishes), Ginger also offers a wide selection of local microbrews and an extensive wine list. When you’re in Anchorage, Ginger is an eatery that you must visit if you want five-star service and fresh smoked salmons.