Best Ice Cream in Anchorage

It doesn’t matter what season it is―people everywhere enjoy the delicious, creamy taste of ice cream. Even though Anchorage gets its fair share of snow, Anchoragens still love this delightful delicacy. A variety of creamy treats are available in the city, such as Yukon gold to chocolate and peanut butter, including vegan options, so you don’t have to go far for a refreshing treat when you need one. 

Here are some of the state’s best ice cream spots! Discover here new flavors, cups, bubble waffle cones, and cookie sandwiches during the season of sweet relief! 


WooHoo Ice Cream

Website | (907) 351-3087 | 5881 Arctic Blvd Anchorage, AK 99518

It’s a cute ice cream place that’s been around since 2017, run by a husband and wife who offer some very interesting ice cream flavors. They have flavors such as cappuccino, Nutella, earl grey, Thai tea, butterscotch pecan, a hint o mint, and cookies and cream. Maple Butter Pecan is their most popular scoop, which is a creamy, buttery maple ice cream mixed with pecans.

Their ice cream flavors are fun and unique. They offer top-notch service and are open until late, which is awesome when you want some delicious ice cream after 6 pm. They stand tall above the competition with their fresh and creamy ice cream. Get their double scoop so you can enjoy two delectable flavors in one cup. If you’ve been hiking Twin Peaks or biking Eklutna Lakeside Trail for the whole day, reward yourself with a treat of earl grey at this local favorite ice cream spot.


Moose A’la Mode

Website | (907) 274-4884 | 360 K St Ste A Anchorage, AK 99501

Here you’ll find ice cream portions to satisfy your appetite after a day spent exploring the Land of the Midnight Sun. There are a lot of local art pieces on the walls, and they have a nice lounge area and seating area, including a cozy fireplace and free Wi-Fi. Enjoy their extra creamy chocolate peanut butter ice cream while sitting in front of the fireplace!

Whether you are looking for a quick brunch or lunch option, this downtown location has all you need. In case you just need something to boost your workday, they also have some great coffee options. Their birthday Cake ice cream will leave you wowed! Unlike most ice creams, this is not super sweet and has chunks of vanilla cake mixed in. It’s simply amazing. All in all, Moose offers good coffee and ice cream in downtown Anchorage, so it is a worth-exploring place for ice cream and coffee lovers!


Wild Scoops

Website | (907) 744-7295 | 429 E St Anchorage, AK 99501

Located in Downtown Anchorage, this popular ice cream shop opened in 2015. They offer delectable ice creams as well as a variety of frozen treats at their scoop shop, including cups, cones, pints, ice cream sandwiches, and more! In addition to Alaska sea salt, Kobuk donuts, red and black Talkeetna currants, Yukon gold, arctic rose, and more, Wild Scoops offers adventurous ice cream flavors made from local Alaskan ingredients.

You can get your ice cream in a waffle cone or a baked Alaska cone topped with torched marshmallow fluff. You can find the latest scoop on their Facebook page, where flavors are constantly changing. In Anchorage, Wild Scoops is the ultimate sweet spot for ice cream lovers interested in small-batch batches.  


Marble Slab Creamery

Website | (907) 272-7522 | 1118 N Muldoon Rd Ste 155 Anchorage, AK 99504

When you are craving unique, flavorful ice cream in Anchorage (Muldoon Road), this is the place to go. Their ice creams are delicious and sweet and come in a variety of flavors and toppings. Their portions are big, and their menu includes 20+ flavors. In addition, they serve cones and bowls with dipped chocolate. In addition to s’mores, they have peanut butter type of scoops for people who love peanut butter.

One of their most popular ice creams is Caramel Peanut Butter Crisp, a Sweet Cream with Crushed Butterfinger, Chocolate Chips, and Caramel. While Red, White & Blue, Strawberries’ N Cream, Rainbow-nanza, Cherries Jubilee, Bear Necessities, Trail Mix, and Bananas Foster are their most legendary ice cream mixin combinations waiting for you to discover them!