Anchorage’s Take-Out Hotspots

If you’re wondering where you can pick up take-out food for dinner, try these restaurants!

Anchorage's Take-Out Hotspots


Enjoy down-home Southern comfort food in the northern-most state at Roscoe’s.  Dig into fried catfish, served with cornbread, or opt for saucy and delicious pulled pork.  Finish it off with sweet tea and peach cobbler.

Yak and Yeti

The Asian cafe, which is still open during the pandemic, features Indian and Asian-inspired dishes from the region surrounding the Himalayan mountains.   Try tikka masala, spicy curry, and sweet vindaloo.  Balance it with a bright and fresh mango lassi, an authentic beverage from the region that perfectly contrasts with the hearty food.


Pangaea combines influences from all around the globe for delicious and unique dishes.  Start your day wth their loaded waffles, topped with gelato, caramel, and nutella for dessert that you can justify as a meal.  Later in the day, the vegetable wellington or spicy steak sandwich are great choices, as is the customizable burger plate, where you can pick all your favorite toppings to pile on the bun.

Even the pandemic can’t prevent you from enjoying delicious cuisine with these great take-out options!