Anchorage: Your Travel Tips

A great vacation needs great preparation. You can’t go on a trip without solid plans. Here are some travel tips that will help you to have an amazing vacation in Anchorage.

Best Time to Visit Alaska

When is the best time to travel to Alaska? June 15 – July 15 is the best time to visit Alaska. You can also come in August and bask in the sunshine or in June and face “horizontal rain”.

What to Pack & Wear

To prepare yourself from the unexpected temperature of Alaska raging from 50-70 degrees, from spring to early fall in Alaska, here are the outfits that you should wear.

  • For the inner layer, long underwear such as Capilene from Patagonia, or any other thin material that absorbs moisture from your skin would be great. On a hot day, you can also wear this alone
  • Your middle insulating layer could be expedition-weight long underwear, a fleece jacket, or even a sweater.
  • For the outer layer, you should get right. You might want a shell that’s waterproof and breathable to stay warm when it’s windy and dry when it’s rainy.


Best Shore Excursions On An Alaskan Cruise

You might want to list down all the things you want to do in Anchorage. Anchorage offers cruise and tours. Enjoy the following activities:

  • Wildlife Tours
  • Active Tours
  • Flightseeing/Helicopter Tours


Wildlife Encounters In Alaska

You will get a chance to see and meet wildlife. Enjoy bear watching and whale watching. Encounter moose along the road and spot migrating Caribous and birds.

Alaska Photography

Anchorage has breathtaking places that you shouldn’t miss. Here are the best spots that surely you’re going to love:

  • Denali National Park
  • Brooks Falls
  • Ruth Amphitheater
  • Blackstone Glacier
  • Barrow
  • Eagle River Nature Center
  • Byers Lake
  • Portage Pass
  • Hatcher Pass
  • Chugach Mountains

Packed your bags, list all the things you want to do in Anchorage, ready your camera to capture moments, and also yourself as you go on and explore the beauty of Anchorage. What are you waiting for? Book your stay with us.