Anchorage Influencers To Follow

Get in the mood for your upcoming visit to Anchorage by following these social media accounts!

Anchorage Influencers To Follow

Dr. Volland

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Misty mountains

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Dr. Volland is an Anchorage eye doctor who spends his free time photographing his Alaskan adventures.  His Instagram feed is an array of gorgeous photos of Anchorage and other parts of the state.  Pick a few to be your screensaver until you get on the plane.

Tony Spiroski

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Take a peak at those tops! ?

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Tony Spiroski is a marketing specialist who posts some amazing landscape photos on his Instagram.  You’ll also find photos of landmarks and attractions that you may find interesting to visit while you’re in town!

Adrianna Rolson

This beauty influencer posts some of her amazing makeup looks on Instagram, but those shots are interspersed with pictures from life in Anchorage.  See some of her favorite stores, an interesting street tableau, or anything else she comes across that catches her attention.  This is a great way to get an idea of life in Alaska.

Kikkan Randall

Champion skier, mom, cancer activist – Kikkan Randall is an interesting woman and you can follow her activities on her Instagram.  Because she’s so active in day-to-day life, there’s plenty to see online – you might even be inspired to try some new sports in Anchorage!

Adam Clark

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When you get just the right angle ?

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This photographer takes amazing pictures of Alaskan scenery, and you can make a list of some of the spots so that you can visit them and see the view for yourself.

Enjoy the social media feeds from these Anchorage Instagrammers!