Alaskan Movies To Watch While You’re Isolated

COVID-19 is not something to ignore, but there’s no reason not to make the most of social distancing – watch these movies while you’re waiting to be able to travel again!

Alaskan Movies To Watch While You're Isolated


This thriller, starring Robin Williams and Al Pacino, uses the backdrop of a small town with 24 hour daylight to add extra tension to the murder mystery the detective has to solve.  The ongoing stress of a new, extreme environment, and the inability to trust anyone under the circumstances comprise Pacino’s objectivity, causing the movie to take a psychological twist as to who the real villian is.

Big Miracle

A feel-good movie set in Point Barrow and based on a true story, Drew Barrymore plays a wildlife activist who is tasked with trying to save a family of whales trapped in the ice before it’s too late.  Tensions grow as the breathing hole the whales are using grows smaller and local Inuits are tempted to hunt the whales to fulfill quotas in a dying industry, even as Americans across the country are falling in love with the animals’ story.  This movie is a great choice for the whole family.

The Proposal

A Canadian book editor faces deportation unless she gets married immediately, so she signs up her assistant for the role of husband.  To get him to agree, she has to travel with him back to his family home in Alaska for his grandmother’s 90th birthday.  The movie is hilarious, and the backdrop of beautiful Alaskan landscape will make you want to move to the northernmost state.

Into The Wild

This biographical film tells the story of a brilliant college student who, after graduating, gets rid of his money and belongings and ventures to Alaska to find himself.  As he hikes through Denali National Park, he encounters obstacles and people who cause him to dig deep and find the truest version of himself.  It’s a riveting movie that will show just how life-changing time in Alaska and other areas of wilderness can be.

Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs is a fun, family-friendly movie featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. as the accidental owner of a sled dog team.  As he struggles to prep his team for the Arctic Challenge, he also seeks to know more about his long-lost father.  Along the trail, he gets the answers he needs and a new lease on life.

Alaska is the setting for some amazing movies and you can watch them wherever you’ve been quarantined!