4 Must-Try Desserts in Alaska

Although Alaska is known for its magnificent sceneries and prevalent wildlife, Alaska also has some delicious food and desserts that all visitors should experience. Locals would never let you leave the state without tasting some of their most decadent desserts with certified fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

Baked Alaska

One of the most challenging desserts for amateur cooks to make is Baked Alaska, an igloo-shaped cake made from layers of sponge cake and ice cream while covered with sweet meringue. This dessert was first served in New York City and was named after Alaska to celebrate the state’s purchase from the Russian Empire.

Rhubarb Crumble

The rhubarb crumble dessert is made from rhubarb, a long red vegetable that naturally tastes sour and tangy. The rhubarb is cooked with sugar and port wine topped with a mixture of flour, butter and muscovado sugar. This dessert is then baked to perfection and served while it is still warm on its own or with vanilla custard.

Birch Syrup

You should never leave Alaska without tasting birch syrup, a sweet sauce made from the sap of the birch tree and evaporated to maintain its sweetness and density. This syrup tastes a little stronger than maple but is not as strong as molasses. You can even purchase this syrup at local supermarkets.

Fireweed Glazed Donut

Fireweed donut is one of Alaska’s unique delicacies that all visitors should try. This dessert is made from an ordinary donut glazed with firewood jelly, a rosy pink jelly made from fireweed flowers. The fireweed donut has a mixture of sweet and tangy flavors that will dance in your taste buds!

You should taste all these scrumptious and delectable Alaskan desserts while you indulge in all of the Last Frontier’s magnificence.